Gw2 max character slots

gw2 max character slots

I changed the maximum number of character slots on April 1 from 70 to 69 based on this. A character slot refers to the allotment of potential characters an to ArenaNet, the maximum amount of additional character slots that can be. posted in Questions & Answers: Like the title says, does anybody know what the maximum amount of character slots you can have on one. Level 80 is required to equip it. I was wondering this too. It is fun making new chars though. Buy gems when they are low and buy whatever you need when they go on sale. PC Role-Playing Massively Multiplayer Guild Wars 2 Home. Check out out our new player wiki page. Yes I have them all and reserved all my names for every class as soon as it launched, I'm unable to buy more as i've reached the maximum slots for my account. Are you leveling all of those to 80?! Feel free to explain this since GW2 never had a expansion except for HoT and GW had Eye of the North so exactly were is this Long Standing tradition of expansions coming from? It's common courtesy for a lady to swallow If you lived here, you'd be pwned by now. Gotenks-ss3 Gotenks-ss3 4 years ago 5 How does that work out cheaper..?

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GW2 - ซื้อช่องตัวละครเพิ่ม characters slot gw2 max character slots ArenaNet reserves the right to update these requirements, depending on changes to the game. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I was going to do this and have a second account however before anet changed their minds and said there was a limit they told me that there was no limit so I already have more than 40 characters. I think we need to get you some rehab. Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Comparing the Cost of the Gems it takes to buy a new set of slots, vs the cost of a new copy of the game. Unfortunately since that time most of these ideals have fallen to the wayside. I would say no. The last 5 skills are selected by the player: Posts are automatically archived after counter bet months. This is an issue that will not affect many people but the character slot limit is currently 64, I wondered if this is going to be changed in the new patch. You are unable to travel to these areas in the initial release of Guild Wars 2 , but they are expected to be added in future releases. You plan to use it? New to Guild Wars 2? Can I get the gems back or the slot contacting anet? IronySandwich IronySandwich 4 years ago 2 I've heard 20, though for the life of me I can't see why anyone would want that many. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. That is a whole lot of characters o.