Human torch from fantastic 4

human torch from fantastic 4

Calling himself Human Torch in tribute to the World War II era hero of the same name, the youthful Johnny found new adventure as part of the Fantastic Four. Calling himself Human Torch in tribute to the World War II era hero of the same name, the youthful Johnny found new adventure as part of the Fantastic Four. The Human Torch is a Marvel Comics superhero and a member of the Fantastic Four. He first appeared in Fantastic Four / Fantastic 4 Annual ().

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Fantastic Four - Torch Vs. Missile Origin Johnny Storm is the son of physician Franklin Storm and his wife Mary. In the Marvel universe, Jon Storm is a young hothead who has to leave London following a duel. He demanded she sacrifice herself to save billions of lives. Days of Future Now Earth Iron Man enslaved by Chen Lu Earth During an attempt by Annihilus to open the portal in the Baxter Building, Johnny manages to escape from his prison cell in the Negative Zone.

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Heroes eliminated by Hyperion Earth Johnny also spent some time as a firefighter at the behest of his former classmate, Mike Snow; but when Snow moved away after his wife turned out to be a psychotic arsonist and seemingly died, Johnny left the job though he later returned to the profession during a period when the Fantastic Four was short on cash. The Human Torch appeared in the first Fantastic Four c artoon, voiced by Jack Flounders. Storm dated fellow student Dorrie Evans, although she eventually grew tired of his constant disappearances and broke off their relationship. Thing finds Crystal and Ms. The next major threat was a being known as Onslaught , a psionic creature created out of the minds of Professor X and Magneto. He can reduce objects' temperatures if they are in a normal range for existing on Earth's surface to about 30 F, raise them to several hundred degrees, or extinguish open flames. Homecoming Has A Star Trek Easter Egg. I am not sure if his voice is supposed to be that docile or not, but I always pictured a deeper, more menacing voice for him. Origin Human mutated by exposure to cosmic rays. Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Johnny briefly gained the powers of the Invisible Woman, which included the ability to turn himself and others invisible, and generate powerful force fields. Kraven killed Spider-Man Earth During the Secret Warswhen the Beyonder transported a group of heroes and villains to Battleworld, the Thing decided to gametwist net gratis the Fantastic Four and live among monsters at Monster Island. Earlier this week, the cast for the upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four film franchise was announced. There may be more photos available for this character. The Fantastic Four 1 Nov. Paraphernalia Johnny wears clothing made of unstable molecules which will not burn when he activates his flame powers. Johnny never really grew up, as academics and work always came so easily to him that he never developed the maturity to cope with what he could accomplish. Identity Crisis happened in the Marvel Universe Earth He is a member of the Invaders. Around this time, Johnny met the young Inhuman Crystal. For alternate versions of Jim Hammond, search in this page. human torch from fantastic 4 Following the battle, Susan found herself pregnant again, and, with Reed off battling the Hidden Ones, Johnny was forced to seek help from Dr. Storm eventually began a romance with who he thought was Alicia Masters but was eventually revealed to be an alien from the shapeshifting Skrull race, Lyjaposing defender online Masters. Reed Richards Executed Earth Crystal dissolved her relationship with him due to the adverse effects of pollution within population centers of Homo sapiens. Age of X Earth